Terms of Services

ShaniBPO.com is providing Data Processing Services and by registering with ShaniBPO.com, you agree that you will not use our service for spamming.

All APIs/Plugins and files downloaded from ShaniBPO.com site are sole property of ShaniBPO.com and every registered user can use these only to route their respective data from our server for a solution.

ShaniBPO.com will time to time send you emails containing important notifications about services and some other information which is beneficial to registered users. By registering with ShaniBPO.com, you agree that you are subscribing for these emails.

ShaniBPO.com will provide support to our registered users through a Ticketing System, which can be accessed Here

ShaniBPO.com will only charge for correctly delivered solutions to you, however, if a solution is incorrect then you will be required to report back such solutions with their respective system identity, upon receiving such report, ShaniBPO.com will instantly issue a refund to your balance for this report.

If any user mis-used the facility of reporting correct solutions as wrong ones, then ShaniBPO.com reserves the right to take appropriate action for this illegal practice. This action may be immediate suspension or withholding existing balance to your account or both, as the case may be.

Bulk users will be reverted back to current standard rate ( current standar rate: $1.29 per 1K ) if balance remains less than $30 for 5 consecutive days (Applicable to each and every user with rate per 1K is less than above mentioned standard rate.

Bulk users availing $1 per 1K Rate is subject to sending 20K Captchas a day it means daily spending of $20 is a must thing. Minimum upload amount for this package is $100 which needs to be utilized in 5 days or 120 hours (24 hours grace period is allowed) Incase a user fails to use up $100 USD credit within 120 hours + 24 hours grace period then remaining balance will expire.

ShaniBPO.com reserves the right to change any part of these terms any time but with 24 hours prior notification to registered users through email.




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