Frequently Asked Questions

How to use API for programming language? All APIs are distributed in source codes. In order to use API you need to copy API sources file to your project and put API calls to your source code.

How to use API in shared libraries? Shared libraries are distributed along with source codes. If you want to use shared library in your project compile shared library (or use already compiled, located in distribution) and call API functions within it according to your programming language rules.

How to use API via HTTP requests? Make POST requests to deliver picture and get text answer, query for balance or claim picture as badly recognized.

How to organize picture recognition process? For starters, session must be opened to send pictures and get text results. After session is started pictures can be sent in cycle. On successfull picture's acceptance unique ID (consists of 2 parts, Major ID and Minor ID) is assigned. Any picture can be claimed as badly recognized by this pair of IDs. When you are done, close the session. API is quite simple and consists of 6 functions only:

initialization function - performs preparation of API's internal structures.
login function - performs logging in.
picture delivery function
picture apply result (optional)
query for balance (optional)
session close function




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