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Unique Pricing Structure - As Cheap As $1.15/1000!

 ► Deposit $250 - Pay $1.15/1000 Correct Solves

 ► Deposit $200 - Pay $1.19/1000 Correct Solves

 ► Deposit $150 - Pay $1.24/1000 Correct Solves

 ► Deposit $15   - Pay $1.29/1000 Correct Solves

 ► Deposit $6.5  - Pay $1.3/1000 Correct Solves

Uses API for: Decaptcher | CaptchaBot | DeathByCaptcha!

ShaniBPO can be used with literally ANY Software that currently utilizes the Decaptcher, CaptchaBot, or DeathByCaptcha API.

Some of the most popular software currently supported by ShaniBPO: XRumer - uBot - CLAD Genius - Senuke X - Zenno Poster - and Many More!

Why ShaniBPO?

In addition to lightning fast solve times (5-15 seconds!), we have literally the LOWEST RATE available on the internet! We support all the major Recaptcha (Blob and New!), and Yahoo Captchas.


Not Sure? Not only do we only charge for CORRECTLY SOLVED Images, we also give EACH ACCOUNT 50 Captcha Credits to try our service free! Simply sign up for a new account, and send email to

with your login name and request for test credits

Visit API Page to start solving captchas cheaper today!


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